What Do You Do When You Don’t Get To See Your Kids?


My 16 year old daughter and I have a pretty good relationship. We have our arguments, she tests boundaries, and some days I wonder what the heck I’m doing. I keep a very busy schedule that keeps me running quite a bit and she’s got after school activities which causes our relationship to sometime struggles. There are times I feel like I am failing my kids, wishing I could be around to influence them more.  Then, just yesterday I get a text from her telling me how much she loves me! She goes on, explaining just how grateful she is to have me around to listen, enjoying having me to annoy and to annoy her. Here she is in probably the most difficult time of her own life, trying to figure out where she fits into everything and what sort of adult she is turning into. It seems like just yesterday I was showing her how to put on her PJs, and here I am thinking about sending her off to college in the not so distant future.

As a busy single mom, I’ve discovered it’s not about the quantity of time you spend with your kids, it’s about the quality. The one thing that will never be given back to us is time. We can always make more money, but we can never get yesterday back. Everyone in our lives is there for a reason, and sometimes they’re not in our lives for very long. I often have to sit back and enjoy hearing my girls laugh, or even argue a little bit, because in a few years, they won’t be here with me in my house anymore. Before long, I will be an empty nester and I will wish for just one more cry, I will wish for one of my kiddos to ask to sleep in my bed. Don’t let those little moments slip away.

Most of us have lost someone, many of them well before their time. Tomorrow is never promised, it’s so important to live in the moment, live as if today is your last day on the earth. Tell your kiddos, your spouse, especially if it’s difficult, they need to hear I Love You. I was so grateful to get that text from Adia. It was something so small, but it means the world to me that she took a few seconds to send me a little reminder that maybe I’m not doing so bad at this parenting thing after all.