Here Comes The Son Music Video | Beatles Here Comes The Sun cover

In November I was working an event and the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun popped into my head but I as I was singing it over and over I kept having the thought of here comes the Savior and wondered what that would look like. I couldn’t get it out of my head for days. I decided to sit down and rewrite some of the lyrics and I could see images of what it may look like when Jesus comes back to earth. I knew that I needed to produce this. I immediately posted to find an actor to portray Jesus, I then reached out to my friend Nathaniel Drew who is a talented musician and composer and asked if he would help me create this vision. I have never sang professionally or recorded a song. It was all very new and terrifying to me! But, when the spirit prompts me to do something I do it despite my fears.

Within days all the pieces fell into place. We were able to get award winning Cellist Nicole Pinnell, Violinist Amy Davis along with the talents of Drew to record this inspired orchestral version of a classic, breathing new meaning into it. Drew composed the piece in about a week, we recorded in the studio on Tuesday December 18th, lined up the music video shoot Saturday December 22nd and released our single December 25th, 2018 as our gift to the Savior on his birthday.

On the 22nd we had a string of miracles that helped us complete the project. It was snowing the night before and we were afraid that it would affect the shoot. There was a chance the sun wouldn’t come out and that the roads would be treacherous to get to our scouted location. My mom Sherri McDaniel expressed her concern the night before but I was confident that things would work out and I told her to trust Heavenly Father. The morning was clear and roads weren’t bad. That was miracle number one. Then despite several crew members not showing up we were were still able to get the shots we needed. After we came down the mountain we headed to the cemetery to shoot an emotional scene of a family celebrating the 1st birthday of a daughter who died. When we arrived, as I unloaded the props I dropped the glass vase. It fell on the ground and the top shattered into a beautiful design and we could still use it. Baby Valene, our actor was perfect for our first few scenes which if you’ve ever worked with a baby you know is a huge blessing. After that we went to Pioneer Park to shoot our homeless scene. Once we were set up a group of college kids out spreading love and light spotted our homeless actors and offered them pizza while they shared with all of the other individuals living on the street. It was a beautiful moment and we were able to get video of them doing good deeds. Shortly after, a homeless guy walked by spotting my mom and dad playing the homeless couple and stopped offered them all he had to eat which was bread and butter. It was a kind gesture that brought real tears to the actors eyes. Often it’s those with the least who give the very most. It was very heartwarming. Our final scene was Jesus walking through the park with actors following him. We had some actors lined up that couldn’t make it and so we were scrambling to get the final shot. Just then, a large group started gathering at the park just east of where we were shooting. I decided to go ask if they would be willing to be in our video. As I approached the group explaining what we were doing, I heard a voice say Brandy? I looked over and recognized the face as my second cousin. I had just met the month before. The big group was actually my mom’s first cousin Tom Rush and his extended family! What are the odds of them being at the same park at the same time? We knew it was divine. While at the park several homeless folks saw our actor playing Jesus and were drawn to him sharing stories and hugging him. You could tell they felt the spirit.

Once we finished at the park we decided to get lunch at a local restaurant. There was a big family gathered for a Christmas Party and I’ll admit it was noisy but the food was great and we didn’t think much of it. One of the family members came over to our table and apologized for the noise. When we went to pay our bill the waitress handed me $50 saying it was from the family for the inconvenience. I quickly tracked down the gentleman and refused to take him money but he insisted and I explained we were shooting a video for the Light the World campaign and he wanted to help cover my costs. As the producer and director for Here Comes the Son, I paid for the entire production out of pocket because I know that the message is powerful and I wanted this to be my gift to the Savior. Many of the talented individuals volunteered or worked at reduced rates to help us create this music video on a tight budget. I know my heart was touched and others involved felt inspired to make this vision a reality. We hope you enjoy this song and share it. I believe when your heart and soul are in the right place, Heavenly Father will work mighty miracles to help you succeed. The key is acknowledging them and sharing them with others so perhaps they can find miracles in their lives.