Be The Good You Want To See In The World

In a time where it’s more common to share negative things on social media, I wanted got to be part of something so beautiful yesterday!

We were filming a segment at a local thrift store. where we picked people out at random to give a little Holiday cheer. Just when we’d decided we were done, all the money designated had been spent, Brandy felt impressed to reach out to a young woman who was digging through her purse. She had picked out 2 shirts for her boyfriend for Christmas, and after checking her bank account, she couldn’t afford to buy them. Just when she was going to put them back, Brandy walked up and asked if she could give her $20. It’s a small thing, but the woman started to tear up. She was so grateful that someone would do something so huge. To her, it made a huge difference. She got emotional as she shared a story of when she was in Savers just last year. There was a woman making a scene at the front of the store who had lost $20 somewhere in the store and was hoping that someone had found it. Chelsea, this young woman we met, walked up to the woman and gave her a $20 bill, telling her that she’d found it on the ground. She had a little extra cash in her pocket and felt like it was the right thing to do.

Fast forward a year later, as Chelsea recalled her story, it was clear that she drew a line between the good deed she did, and the $20 coming back to her as Brandy and her family were doing their own good deed.

To some, $20 is nothing, to others it could mean the difference between feeding your family or not. What a beautiful lesson, a reminder that there is a little bit of good in the world. Always remember, there is someone you can help.